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Scuba Diving is the biggest activity on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India), other than lying around, snorkeling and eating great sea-food. Andaman Islands offer you clear, warm water with one of the largest variety of coral reefs and marine life anywhere on the planet. The diving possibilities around the Andamans are vast and it feels that what has been discovered is only the beginning… and even that is pretty great. Havelock serves as the main base for diving in the group of islands.

Diving in Andaman and Nicobar islands is a unique life time experience. The costal belt surrounding these islands is abode of one of the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world. The distinction is that, here the coral reefs and underwater formations are undestructed by human activities. The best season for diving is considered between December and April.

Many of the islands here are surrounded by reef fringes, often several hundred meters wide and separated from the shore by a lagoon of even width. There are also to be found steeply sloping reef- walls and coral pinnacles or knolls. Divers can also come across steeply undulating hills of raven volcanic lava, which adequately compensates for some unusual diving. There are abundant sharp sloping and shallow reefs suitable for snorkeling.

Large Pelagics are a plenty in these waters, as are a variety of sharks. Large schools of Hammerhead sharks often patrol these waters away from the reefs and Grey, Whitetip, Nurse and Leopard sharks are often found closer inshore. Silvertip and Ocean Whitetips also at times appears out of the deep blue beyond. Enormous Manta Rays also provide glimpse quite often.